Westside Communities Alliance – Mission Statement

The Westside Communities Alliance is a communications network sponsored and managed by the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts in collaboration with the College of Architecture and Office of Government and Community Relations at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Launched in 2011 by these units and the neighborhoods of English Avenue and Vine City, the Alliance works to build and sustain relationships among other constituencies across communities west of the Connector, and with others, in order to partner on issues of common concern.

Did you know?

Many of Atlanta’s most important and historic academic institutions — including the Atlanta University Center consortium, Georgia Tech, and Georgia State University — are on the West Side, and over half of the city’s college students conduct their studies there.   The Alliance serves as a nexus point for academic institutions and area communities to work together to tackle local challenges and find points of synergy.

Where we are heading

We seek to be a model for the critical engagement of multiple stakeholders with community issues, with the Alliance serving as a resource for connecting various sets of expertise in addressing community needs and aspirations and in developing sustainable partnerships and solutions. Through our collaborations, the Alliance functions as an asset for the City in the revitalization and development of Atlanta’s west side. Using this operational frame, we envision a future where we stand united in support of strong, vibrant urban communities.



Our Partners

We are extremely fortunate to have wonderful partnering groups in the West Side, and throughout Atlanta.



The Westside Communities Alliance at Georgia Tech is led by the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts, College of Architecture, and Office of Government and Community Relations.